Lafayette County
-Hidden Jem of the Hidden Valleys-

We have a distinguished and notable history steeped in tradition, panoramic views of agrarian landscapes untouched by Ice Age glaciers, rustic roads that meander through a timeless pastoral countryside, miles upon miles of all-season recreational trails and plentiful parks for year-round fun, picturesque communities that welcome you with the small-town friendliness of days gone by, progressive business owners and civic leaders with an eye on the futureand a respect of the past, and much more. Lafayette County offers the best of all worlds, the tranquil pace of rural Americana and all the amenities of contemporary society.

The Lafayette Development Corporation is an economic development organization committed to assisting the communities of Lafayette County in their efforts to retain current businesses, including agricultural enterprises, and to promote the development of new business and industry that will enhance the quality of life for all county residents.

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