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Charles "Chic" Peterson is not only a wonderful person, he happens to be one of the most talented artists of our time. Close your eyes and visualize a slender version of Santa Claus, with his white hair, white beard and mustache, and kind eyes, and you have just met Mr. Peterson. If you take the time to examine his art, you see that his images touch something in each of our own memories. Not everyone likes his work...but everyone should examine the complexity of his wor k and appreciate it for its overall intensic value.

Southwest Graphics invites you to take a few moments and further examine Charles Peterson's works. We currently have a wonderful selection of Charles Peterson limited edition prints, in both the Collectors Edition (CE) and the Encore Edition (EE) in stock. We also have access to secondary market or "sold out" prints, so feel free to inquire about availability of any and all prints.

- Deb Pickett (owner)

Below you will find an exerpt from Charles Peterson's 2nd book "Of Time and Place," published by White Door Publishing CO., which is on sale on our Charles Peterson Gift Item Page.


There is a comfort and truth in the familiar: the hands and faces of the old; a family reunion outside a white farm house in spring; a village in winter; a country church; a concert in the park; men at work in the fields and at sea.

To return to that which lends beauty and meaning to our lives, where memory comes upon us like a prayer. Yes, that is the way it was, we tell ourselves. The way it should be. Where I belong.

There is a need to hold the time and image, for whatever reason. Travelers and artists know this in their bones. We are always journeying back in time, in search of where we find ourselves today.

The paintings of Charles L. Peterson call us home. Haunt our attention. Celebrate the strength and dignity of man at work. At peace within himself . . . in communion with others in time and place. A world familiar and compelling, where every detail of the image whispers: Do not forget.

“It’s true,” he will tell you, “my life has centered on that theme, memory. The things that I paint . . . I think probably there’s a natural tendency in all of us to reflect on our own past. I think it’s a positive contribution to our time to remind it of some of the values of the past which are worthwhile.”


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