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The Cornish Corner was opened in Mineral Point, Wisconsin in the spring of 2002 with the mission of filling the need for quality genuine Cornish goods in the Cornish hearland of the midwest. Mineral Point has long been known as the center of Cornish connections with its rich history of mining and all of those who came from the old country to make their new homes here.

Catherine Whitford, the owner and opperator of the Cornish Corner has rich Cornish roots. It is this strong sense of heritage that inspired her to establish the Cornish Corner.
"Being a 3rd generation born in the U.S.A. of Cornish ancestry and always knowing the pride of being Cornish it seems the proper way to show my true appreciation to the Cornish. To offer my fellow Cornishmen the best Cornish merchandise is my goal. To keep the world comming to our community and learning about our PRIDE in being cornish is what it's all about!"

"My family 'Trehawke' is listed in the 'Doomsday Book' of William the Conqueror. While I certainly consider Mineral Point to be where my heart is; to return to Cornwall each trip always seems that I again have come home!"

Please take the time to look through our extensive colection of authentic Cornish items. All of our jewelry is made in Cornwall or by Celtic craftsmen in the USA. Each piece is made of pewter, tin or sterling silver.

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